Elon Musk Deepfaked Into 2001: A Space Odyssey

August 20, 2019

Because the faking is only going to get deeper until we realize we've gone too far but it's too late to turn this spaceship around (I suspect about a year ago), this is 2021: A SpaceX Odyssey, a video from Youtuber Ctrl Shift Face of Elon Musk deepfaked into Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi classic. It's good. Maybe not as good as deepfaking my face onto Indiana Jones in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, but somebody should 100% do that so I can upload it it to my dating profile and finally get some sexy clicks.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my aerospace engineer buddy Ferrous, who promised to get me to space, and I believe him.

Chris Pratt Deepfaked As Indiana Jones

This is another terrifying glimpse of the indistinguishable-real-from-fake future, this time in the form of Chris Pratt deepfaked as Indiana Jones in scenes from all the movies....
May 4, 2020
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