Dare To Dream: Female Competitive Eater Sets World Record For Most Mayonaisse Eaten In 3 Minutes With 3.5 24-Ounce Jars

August 30, 2019


This is a Guinness World Record video of competitive eater Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco setting the world record for most mayonnaise consumed in 3 minutes, with a staggering 86.35 oz (2,448 grams), the equivalent of three and a half 24-ounce jars. Now I love mayo as much as the next person who keeps a jar in an ice bucket by the side of the bed, but come on, three and half jars seems a little excessive. "You sure you're not just jealous, GW?" THAT RECORD WAS MINE.

Keep going for the video, which might be hard to watch if you're mayonnaise.

Thanks to my friend becca b, who informed me she can't wait to see here setting the relish record.

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