Cool As A Cucumber: Sony Develops A Tiny Personal Air Conditioner Worn In The Back Of Your Shirt

August 6, 2019

In news kinda related to that last post about the stinkin', this is a video of the REON POCKET, a wearable air conditioner (also heater) developed by Sony and crowd-funded through their First Flight program because apparently the profits from my Playstation Plus subscription alone weren't enough for them.

(translated) We attach REON POCKET terminal to a pocket in the neck of exclusive innerwear and let smartphone and Bluetooth® cooperate. After that, you can use it simply by operating the app and adjusting the terminal temperature to your liking. ...the neck pocket of the exclusive innerwear can be worn without a sense of incongruity in appearance because the terminal is designed to fit easily.

So not only do you have to buy the ~$130 device, you have to buy special undershirts with a little pocket on the back of the neck for the REON to rest in. Admittedly, they're relatively inexpensive (~$15), but personally I'm just going to wear mine like a necklace. Will it not be as effective? Probably. But will it be decorated with puffy paint and plastic rhinestones so everyone knows I'm the air conditioning king? *shaking Magic 8-ball scepter* 'My sources say no.' Well your source suck, ball.

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to Ash, who agrees the easiest way to stay cool in the hot summer months is to never leave your air conditioned apartment until they cut the power off because you haven't been paying the bill because you got fired for not showing up to work, then finding a street vendor who will let you live in his ice cream cart.

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