BMW Paints One Of Their X6 SUVs With Vantablack

August 30, 2019


This is a video of BMW painting one of their new X6 SUVs with the 99% light absorbing Vantablack VBx2 from Surrey NanoSystems. Some more info while I paint a fur bikini-clad barbarian woman with a sword on the hood of my Civic Hybrid. That's gotta be good for a 10-horsepower boost, right?

The VBx2 variant of Vantablack has a one-per-cent total hemispherical reflectance, meaning it is still considered super-black while enabling a small amount of reflection from every angle.

"We realised that it wouldn't have worked if we'd put on the original Vantablack material, as the viewer would have lost all sense of three-dimensionality," said Ben Jensen, Vantablack inventor and founder of Surrey NanoSystems.

"It worked really well because of the size of the car, its distinctive shape, and how imposing it is," he continued. "VBx2 with its one-per-cent reflectance provides just enough of a hint of shape."

Meh, you should have gone all the way. I WANTED to lose all sense of three-dimensionality. But you took it away from me, didn't you? *banging fist on table* YOU TOOK IT ALL AWAY. "Jeez, GW, calm down." I'm sorry, it's just really easy to get worked up about things that has zero bearing on my life whatsoever.

Keep going for a couple more shots and the video.




Thanks to Marc B, who agrees Fast & Furious is pissed they didn't think of it first.

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