Another Day, Another Person Barely Missing Their Head At An Axe-Throwing Bar

August 27, 2019

This is yet another short video of a man who would clearly never survive on his own in the wilderness throwing an axe at one of those axe-throwing bars that are all the rage for people who don't have a friend with a backyard, a stump, and an axe, almost splitting his head in two when his axe ricochets off the bottom of the target and comes back at him. Man, when are people going to learn: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE THROWING AXES TO DRINK BEER. Just drink the beer. Look at me -- I'm drinking one now, and there isn't an axe in sight. "What about the ninja sword?" Ninja swords aren't axes, newb.

Keep going for the video, complete with a couple Bud Light can-bottles and the axe sliding across the bar floor.

Thanks to Clint, who's got a name that makes me feel like he can probably throw an axe, and has.

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