Amazon Driver Backs Into Family's Basketball Hoop, Shattering It

August 29, 2019


Note: Watch your volume at the beginning, package drop.

This is a video of an Amazon delivery driver backing into and shattering a family's basketball hoop, then driving into the grass and eventually leaving, but not before "carelessly" tossing the package on the front porch (personally I don't think any of my packages have ever been delivered even half as gently). Man, all that wide-open space to turn around and she just had to hit the basketball hoop. That's a clear case of Stephy's Law if I've ever seen it. "You mean Murphy's Law -- anything that can go wrong will go wrong?" No, Stephy -- an old ex of mine. I taught her how to drive stick years ago in an empty Toys 'Я' Us parking lot. "How'd that end?" In the LEGO aisle.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to David E, who agrees not having a backboard just adds an extra level of difficulty to the game.

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