A Trailer For Netflix's 'Hyperdrive', A Car Racing Competition ''Like Fast And Furious But In Real Life"

August 5, 2019

This is a trailer for Netflix's upcoming car-driving reality competition, 'Hyperdrive'. The series, premiering August 21st and produced by Charlize Theron, will see ten street racers (including a truck driver, delivery guy, law student, millionaire, model, construction worker, and lumberjack) compete in ten different obstacle-filled race courses erected in an industrial complex to see who is the fastest and most furious. Will it be any good? I don't know, but based on the more promising footage in the trailer, I'm afraid it might all be too safe to be that good. I mean I'm sure it'll have its moments, but can I really sit through another ten hours of reality television just hoping to see a boob? "Its a car-racing competition." *popping popcorn* Transformers have boobs.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Marc B, who informed me he would have all those racers eating his rubber and breathing his fumes.

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