Woopsie: New Jersey Devils Mascot Runs Through Window At Kid's Birthday Party

July 17, 2019


These are two videos of the New Jersey Devil, who, ecstatic after a successful parachute pow-wow at a children's birthday party, proceeds to run right into and break a glass window in celebration. Per one mom in attendance overheard in the second video: "Nailed it." So like, do you think the parents throwing the party had to upgrade to the running through a window package, or was the performance included in the standard party bundle? Because let me tell you -- I can run through some windows, and getting paid for it, well, that could help pay for all the windows I've run through not getting paid for it. "Do you also do screen doors?" OH DO I!

Keep going for two different angles, the second of which offers a great shot of the aftermath.

Thanks to Greg GE, who agrees are you even throwing a party if a glass window/coffee table/ceiling fan light cover doesn't get smashed?

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