Whatever Works: Animal Shelter Uses Popularity of Area 51 Raid To Get Pets Adopted

July 24, 2019


Capitalizing on the internet's obsession with the fake raid of Area 51 in September, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare has used the viral event's popularity to get some shelter pets some much needed adopting. Dammit, I'd take them all if I could. Just look at those sweet little space cadets.

On Friday, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare events coordinator Natalie Winfree dressed up three of the shelter's most photogenic (and cooperative) pups in tinfoil hats in hopes of raising awareness for the organization's cause.

"Come storm our shelter," read Winfree's now-viral post on the shelter's Facebook page. "We have great animals ready to protect you from the Area 51 aliens. Adoption isn't that far out of this world! #Stormtheshelter"

"I feel really humble, and I feel like I've actually done some good," says Winfree. "We had 22 adoptions yesterday, which is fairly high for a week day. Adoptions start everyday at noon, so I haven't seen today's results yet, but it does seem to have helped a little bit."

Could you even imagine a million idiots actually storming Area 51? That would be some fun news coverage to watch. Of course I don't need a million other morons to help me storm Area 51, I could do it all by myself. You know why? Because I already have a guy on the inside. SPOILER: He's green. "You're saying you know an alien." I'm not saying it, I'm sending it directly to your mind with the telepathy trick he taught me.

Thanks to Carmen and Allyson S, who agree the love of a pet really is out of this world.

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