TImelapse Video Of A Group Of Goats Completely Eating An Overgrown Yard In Six Days

July 2, 2019


This is a timelapse video of a group of goats completely eating an overgrown backyard in San Francisco over the course of six days (apparently in San Francisco you're allowed to employ goats short-term for yard maintenance with a special permit). For reference, it would have taken me much longer to eat all that grass. Plus it usually makes me throw up anyways. "Why are you eating grass?" I don't know, my dog taught me. Also to always make direct eye contact when pooping.

Keep going for both ten minute and one minute versions of the video.

Thanks again to hairless, who informed me he wants to know what it looks like to see out of a goat's eyes. That's cool, I want to know what it looks like to see out of a bedroom window not into a disgusting alley.

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