Stranger Parks On Man's Lawn, Uses His Electricity To Recharge Tesla Overnight

July 29, 2019


Some complete jerk in Lake Worth, Florida recently parked his car on the lawn of homeowner Phil Fraumeni, then proceeded to use an extension cord running from Fraumeni's house to recharge his Tesla for twelve hours. Some more info while I grab a hammer from the garage and inspect my yard for Teslas:

He said he found the white Tesla on his grass Friday morning.

"It was plugged into my electric outlet on my house," Fraumeni said.

Fraumeni said he waited a few hours, then called police.

Deputies learned the electric car was not stolen and tracked down the address of the owner.

Fraumeni said a young man and woman showed up his home and the man said he was visiting a friend in the neighborhood when the Tesla battery died.

"From what the boy said from midnight the night before, so 12 hours it was charging," Fraumeni said.

Fraumeni said he did not press charges against the car owner and did not ask him to reimburse him for the use of electricity.

The estimated cost of the stolen electricity was only around $2, which isn't much, but what really gets me is apparently the guy didn't even offer some sort of compensation or apology. What the hell is wrong with you? You don't just go parking your car in somebody's yard, steal their electricity and not say sorry or thanks. Were you born in a barn? "Probably a mansion." That explains it. "Silver spoon in rectum." I know the type.

Thanks to Jeffey S and hairless, who agree the whole "it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission" only works if you actually ask for that forgiveness.

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