Russian Parkour Guy Runs Into Electric Wires On Roof Jump Of 25 Story High-Rise

July 31, 2019

This is a video of Youtuber and lunatic Сергей Шорохов hopping across the roof of a 25 story high-rise when he runs into some electric wires. You know, you'd think he would have actually scouted his run a little bit before doing it. RECON, BRO -- RECON. Thankfully, a friend is there to pull him back on the roof or he almost certainly would have been a goner. Some more info while I complain the office floor I'm on is too high for my liking and request a transfer to a lower one. "You're on the third." IT'S TOO HIGH:

26 July I was in the arms of death and was born a second time. And this is a full video of how it was. Got scars on my stomach and fingers. 25 years, 25th floor, 10 seconds over death. An experience that will last a lifetime. Thank you to Zlat @goldenzadrot for saving me. The electric current tried to throw me down but world still need me I feel. My mission isn't over yet. But I'm glad we met face-to-face, Death. Because happiness in me became much more. Thank you for this experience. Let's see how the world responds to my madness.

Yeah, you're a super idiot. Also, with all the amateur daredevils out there I'm honestly surprised we don't see more parkour mishap videos like this one. "Their cameras usually shatter when they hit the ground." That explains it.

Keep going for the video, fall starts at 2:20, all cursing was thoughtfully censored with 'duh'.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees reconnoissance is a crucial part of a successful mission.

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