Real Life Transformers: Aquanaut, A Submarine That Transforms Into Half-Humanoid

July 26, 2019

This is a video demonstration of Aquanaut, an autonomous submarine robot that can transform into a partial humanoid (hopefully an Autobot). Aquanaut was developed by Houston Mechatronics Inc. to service deep-sea oil and gas rigs. Some more info while I service my own gas rig. "You mean spend an hour in a bathroom stall." Please, I was being coy:

Aquanaut will not require a tether or a support ship. It will travel in submarine mode to its deepwater destination, where it'll transform into its humanoid form, unfolding its powerful arms. Each arm is equipped with force-torque sensors and has eight axes of motion, similar to that of a human arm. The arms on Aquanaut also have grippers capable of turning valves on the subsea "trees" and even operating specialized maintenance tools that the robot carries with it in an internal payload bay.

Aquanaut will carry out tasks with human operators supervising but not directly controlling it. And once the job is finished, the robot will autonomously return home.

I mean, whatever -- but why does it need to transform into humanoid form? Are humans really the perfect form for servicing deep-sea oil rigs? I feel like that's unnecessary. And why don't we just hire mermaids to do it? "They hate us for polluting the oceans." Admittedly, I do hate us for that too.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees if this thing doesn't locate Atlantis, what's the purpose?

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