Photoshoppin': Animals Merged With Everyday Foods

July 24, 2019


This is a small series of animals merged with foods via the magic of Photoshop by "creator of images to tell stories" Ronald Ong. The tiger one reminded me of a Dali painting. I wish I had his mustache. It's pretty wild I saw these when I did though because-- "Let me guess, you're eating a fox sandwich?" Come on, don't be ridiculous. "What are you eating then?" My third pack of mini donuts from the vending machine. "It isn't even 9AM." I know, I'm usually on my fourth but I had a cheeseburger at home. *shrug* I'm a growing boy. "You're a wilting man." FACT.

Keep going for four more.





Thanks to Casey M, who agrees not calling the Pineapple Owl a Pineappowl was a serious oversight.

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