Not Smart Thinking: Man Secures Box To Top Of Car With Painter's Tape

July 22, 2019


This is a short video of some idiot in Los Angeles (there are a lot of them -- everywhere, really) who decided to secure a box to the top of his car with blue painter's tape (you know, the stuff that's made to remove easily). As far as good ideas go, this isn't one. Unfortunately no word what was in the box, but I imagine as soon as he makes a turn or stops too quick the person driving behind him is getting a free one.

Keep going for the video. Also, I like how he made the one horizontal strip to hold the other strip down -- that's gonna do the trick.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees this guy is only one step above the little pig who just tried holding the box with one hand out the window as he drove.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Are we sure it's not blue gorilla tape? If it's was gorilla tape that stuff will hold anything to anything... except skin. Terrible kidnapper's tape. But it does bond to itself so if you have enough then... you can make it work.

  • Qthedude16

    that video player is terrible

  • Bling Nye

    Assuming the contents of that box are more than like 25 pounds and/or he goes fast enough for that thing to catch air, this guy is about to find out physics is a cruel mistress if taken for granted (or ignorantly dismissed), and she will fuuuuuck you up.

    If he's driving 5 mph and only going a few blocks, he'll probably be fine though.

    Kinda wish they'd followed him to find out, I think I would've.

  • Closet Nerd

    He should've followed it until if fell!

  • abcdefgjklmnopqruvwxyz

    Um, if you're going to use tape on a car, this would be the tape to use (as long as you use enough of it).

    I'd laugh at someone who used duct tape on their car, thinking of the time they'll spend getting the gunk off, if it doesn't just pull off the paint job too.

  • Ollie Williams

    There are definitely strips of duct tape mixed in with the painters tape. Looks like a couple on each side.

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