Nike Releasing Nintendo 64 Inspired Air Max Sneakers

July 10, 2019


These are several shots of the N64 themed Nike Air Max 97 sneakers being released by the end of the summer (~$160). Pretty sweet, right? Of course if I had $160 to spend on every sweet pair sneakers I saw, I probably wouldn't have to run an extension cord from my neighbor's balcony into my apartment just to use my computer at home. "You're saying your power got cut off." *flaps arms* You smell that? "And your water." I could really use a break.

Keep going for a handful more shots of #4 on my birthday list this year.





Thanks again to Closet Nerd, who agrees for $160 they should at least be able to play GoldenEye.

  • SoylentGringo

    Um..Nike gets zero $ from me lately.
    They recently showed their unmitigated and unbridled stupidity by capitulating to benchwarmer Colon Kaepernick's crybaby demands to remove the shoe w/ the Betsy Ross flag when in fact, the renowned seamstress was an avowed abolitionist.
    That's top-shelf dumbassery there Nike. Sheesh!

  • Ugly and not particularly nostalgia inducing. In fact, I'd never guess in a hundred years that these were N64 inspired unless I was told.

    I like that Nike is on the right side of history, but this particular shoe is a big swing and a miss.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I didn't feel like boycotting Nike before, but the urge is alive and kicking now. That's it, Nike! From now on, I'll take the nothing that I already spend on your products and reduce that to nothing!

  • Munihausen

    License to Kill; Pistols; Basement

  • Mihos Bubastis

    Did Kapernick approve this?

  • Andrew

    too little too late Nike. I'm gone.

  • I'm sure you will be missed.

  • Andrew

    I'm not alone.. and we will be...

  • Closet Nerd

    Those are nice.... but not for $160

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