Nah, I'm Good: A $1-Million 'Hyper-Luxury' Office On Wheels

July 8, 2019


These are several shots and a promotional video for the G-77 Sky Master mobile "hyper-luxury full-fledged office on wheels" from Lexani Motorcars. It costs a million dollars. For reference, I'd pay upwards of $8,000 with piss-poor credit for a used model. Some more info while I haggle with the used car salesman:

We are proud to announce the debut of the G-77: Sky Master, a world's first hyper-luxury transporter conversion built on the Ford F-550 chassis.

This awe-inspiring 33 ft. mobile unit, outfitted with our world-class artisans' renowned craftsmanship and state-of-the-art electronic appointments, is a rolling mosaic of utility, opulence, and comfort, at a level never before witnessed in a transporter. It's the ideal environment whether it's for daily business purposes, busy productions, or for tranquil relaxation while traveling.

With a blend of cutting-edge electronic technology, supple European leather seating, stunning wood amenities, a private office, 24k gold-plating, and restroom, the G-77 Sky Master is sure to be a welcome addition to any executive's commute, or set.

Yeah, it looks like a party bus with a private jet interior. It does have a gold bathroom though -- that's important. Also, for supposedly being a mobile office this thing has way less desk space and way heated massaging recliners than I've ever seen in an office. And where's my manager scoring me entirely 'below expectations' on my semi-annual performance review? 2/5 drunk bachelor partygoers stumbling aboard thinking its their party bus, stealing all the booze, and puking on the leather.

Keep going for a handful more shots and the video.






Thanks to v, who agrees if you have the money to buy a million dollar office on wheels, what are you doing still working in the first place?

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