Mattel Releases A David Bowie Inspired Barbie To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of 'Space Oddity'

July 12, 2019


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of David Bowie's classic outerspace jam 'Space Oddity' on July 11th, Mattel released a special edition David Bowie inspired Barbie doll ($50 on Amazon). Some more info while I add it to my birthday list right below 'somebody to show up to my party this year':

Introducing Barbie as David Bowie. In a definitive celebration of two pop culture icons, Barbie honors the ultimate pop chameleon, English singer, songwriter and actor, David Bowie, whose dramatic musical transformations continue to influence and inspire. Dressed as Bowie's fantastic sci-fi alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, in the iconic metallic 'space suit' with red and blue stripes, flared shoulders and Bowie's signature cherry-red platform boots. Special details include bold makeup -- featuring the famed astral sphere forehead icon -- and a hairstyle inspired by Bowie's fiery-red locks.

That's cool, I'm into it. Now if you'll excuse me (and since it's Friday), I think it's high time I play Bowie's 'Space Oddity' at max volume here at my desk and fist fight any coworker who has the nerve to say anything but 'F*ck yeah, love that song.'

Keep going for a handful more shots and the 'Space Oddity' music video.





Thanks to Andrea M, who agrees now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare.

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