Man On Jet-Powered Hoverboard Attempts Flight Across The English Channel, Fails During Refueling

July 25, 2019

This is a video of Flyboard Air (a hoverboard powered by five jet engines) inventor Franky Zapata (previously) beginning his attempt to fly 35km (~22 miles) across the English Channel on one of his machines at a speed of around 96km/h (60MPH -- aka feeling like a human missile). He made it halfway, but when attempting to land on a boat to trade his depleted fuel backpack for another one, wound up in the drink. Some more info while I point and laugh even though I half feel bad. A quarter feel bad. One tenth:

"When I got closer to the platform, the boat took a wave and it hit the foot of the machine and broke it," Zapata told a press conference Thursday.

"I lost balance, I fell in the water. The flyboard is damaged, the electronic part has to be redone, the motors are ruined but the base is saved," he continued.

He was around 11 miles from the finish at St Margaret's Bay, England. "I could see the British borders," he told the press conference.

But not all is lost, as he hopes to make a second attempt to cross the channel "as soon as next week."

I couldn't find any footage of the water landing, which is a shame because I would have really liked to have seen that. *shrug* So he tried and failed. The important part is he's giving up. "You mean not giving up -- it says he's going to try again as early as next week." What a fool.

Keep going for the video while I fly to England, construct a hoverboard out of fireworks, and make the crossing hours before he does.

Thanks to Joe and Charlotte, who agreesall you can do is try hard and believe in yourself.

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