Man Builds AI-Powered Pet Door That Prevents His Cat From Bringing Dead Animals Into The House

July 1, 2019


This is a video of Amazon engineer Ben Hamm's presentation during Ignite Seattle (please don't actually burn the city to the ground) in which he discusses the AI-powered cat door he built that prevents his cat Metric from being able to enter the house with dead animals. The door works with an Amazon DeepLens AI-enabled camera and an Arduino-powered lock. Some more info while I wonder why my cats don't love me enough to ever bring me home a snack:

The camera was loaded with machine vision algorithms trained by Hamm himself [using thousands of images captured of his cat]. They identified whether Metric was coming or going and whether he had prey in his mouth. If the answer was "yes," the cat flap would lock for 15 minutes and Hamm would get a text.

Hey, whatever works. I remember one time years ago one of my cats killed a mouse then brought it inside and ate it and the next time I went to clean the litter box it smelled so bad I puked in it. Even just typing this I started dry heaving a little. Memories, you know? "What about them?" Most of them are bad.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to j zell, who agrees somebody needs to develop one of these for dogs with muddy paws.

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