Lunatic Riding Lime Scooter On Highway Crosses Five Crosses Five Lanes Of Traffic To Make Exit

July 23, 2019

This is a video from Interstate 35 In Dallas, Texas of a man on a Lime electric scooter crossing five lanes of traffic to make his exit (what was he doing in the fast lane in the first place?!). Granted traffic isn't exactly moving at a NASCAR pace at 8:54 AM, but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to ride those things on the highway at any time of day. But what do I know? I'm just a man who's only ridden one of those rentable electric scooters once and ate shit so hard I swore I'd never step foot on one again. *rolling up pant leg* You see this? "Your penis?" Thank God it wasn't injured.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to DT, who agrees that, based on this man's confidence, clearly it wasn't his first electric scooter highway rodeo.

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