It's All In The Reflexes: Dancing Man Knocks Down Ceiling Fan, Catches It

July 11, 2019

This is a short video from Hollywood, Florida of a cheer coach working on a new routine in his living room when he smacks the ceiling fan, managing to catch it on the way to the ground without getting hit in the head or face. Those were some nice reflexes. Although I have to wonder what the hell was holding that ceiling fan up in the first place -- happy thoughts? At least he didn't stick his fingers in the actual blades. Because I do that all the time taking my shirt off before sitting down to dinner. "You take your shirt off before dinner?" Of course, so I don't stain my shirt. "Your girlfriend made quite the catch." Hahahaha, she always gets so pissed cause other tables start staring.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees you really shouldn't mount a ceiling fan with twist-on wire connectors alone.

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