Guy In Rental Moving Truck Wreaks Havoc On Self Storage Facility

July 30, 2019

PROTIP: When in doubt, increase panic levels to max and destroy even more stuff.

This is a video from a public storage facility in Dallas, Texas of Wreck-It Ralph (who clearly isn't used to driving such a large truck) wreaking havoc on some of the storage units there while trying to exit the premises. I particularly liked all the parts with squealing, smoking tires and crashing into things. Apparently the man eventually abandoned ship and ran from the scene on foot, leading at least handsome devil behind a computer to speculate just what was in that truck. Drugs? Weapons? STOLEN GOODS? "Two old couches and a dresser." I wouldn't have even bothered storing them, I would have just set them on fire in the yard like a normal person who hates moving.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Marc B, who agrees sometimes you just have to pretend the giant truck you're driving is a pinball and you're trying to set a high score.

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