Good Girl!: Dog Fetches Beer Out Of Pool For Owner

July 25, 2019


This is a video of a very good girl fetching a Miller Lite can out of a pool to bring to her owner. Granted the reason the beer was in the pool in the first place is because she knocked the 12-pack (technically a 3-pack at this point) over trying to fetch one from the box, but that's really the owner's bad for setting it so close to the pool to begin with. Then she rips up the box a little bit in celebration of a job well done. Personally, I keep my beer within arm's reach so I don't even have to bother one of my dogs to get me one. I mean not that they would anyways. They're basically wild animals, and there's no doubt in my mind they wouldn't even wait an hour to start eating me if I died or slept in on a Saturday.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DT, who agrees a beer fetching dog is the most a person can hope for in this life.

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