Goldfish Owner Builds Floating 'Wheelchair' For Fish With Swim Bladder Disease

July 25, 2019

This is a video of one of South Korean fashion designer Henry Kim's fancy goldfish that he built a floating 'wheelchair' for to help it maintain upright buoyancy due to it suffering from swim bladder disease. Granted it's not the only goldfish wheelchair we've seen here on Geekologie, but it is the latest. And you know how I feel about being the very latest. "Sometimes you don't even show up to a party until it's over." You have to act like you don't even care whether you show up. "Then why'd you bang on the door crying for twenty minutes?" I had an entrance planned!

Keep going for the video while I insist Henry adds some plants and a plastic pirate drinking out of a jug o' rum to those fish tanks.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees somebody should make a floating goldfish wheelchair that makes them look like the house from Up.

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