Firework Store's Storage Containers Catch Fire, Causing Impromptu Show

July 10, 2019


This is a video of some storage containers at the Davey Jones Fireworks store in Fort Mill, South Carolina burning and setting off all the fireworks inside. The storage containers were actually located between Davey Jones Fireworks and The House Of Fireworks store, although neither of the stores caught fire themselves (a shame in my opinion, but I appreciate a good finale). The news reporter insists this is NOT A SHOW, although we clearly have different definitions of a show, because that looked like a great one to me. Also, if I owned a fireworks store I would 100% do this every Fifth Of July with all my unsold inventory. Granted, I'm not the most savvy businessman. "Or best dressed." What do you have against athletic shorts?!

Keep going for a news report, as well as a few other individual videos from reporter Billie Jean Shaw, who was setting up for an unrelated live shot across the street when the blaze started.

Thanks again to K Diddie, who agrees every fireworks store should be REQUIRED to do this no later than three days after any holiday involving fireworks.

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