Don't Pull The Trigger: Warframe Video Game Gun In Real Life Prank

July 9, 2019

To promote the video game Warframe, this is an elaborate stunt perpetrated in New York that imagined the game's Opticor laser cannon as a real life blaster capable of splitting a police car and mailbox when wielded by unknowing passers-by asked to pose with the weapon. Some more info while I toss my stapler over a cubicle wall like a grenade:

The exploding effects used compressed air, with a small team taking about 15 minutes to reset everything between each take -- which also provided the time needed for bystanders to move on so that there's always a fresh set of eyes who have "no idea what's going to happen."

Yeah, I'm not sure everyone really had "no idea what's about to happen." I don't know about you, but I pride myself in being able to tell when something fishy is going on. And that is every second of every day. Admittedly, I'm somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. And hypochondriac. Does this rash look funny to you? "It looks like somebody drew a penis on your forehead with marker." Just admit it -- I'm dying and it's all the deep state's fault.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to AG, who agrees if somebody hands you a laser cannon and tells you not to pull the trigger, you point that thing right at the ground between your feet and launch yourself to the moon.

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