Doing Battle: A New Record For The Fastest UFC Knockout (Five Seconds)

July 9, 2019

This is a very short video of UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal double kneeing opponent Ben Askren in the face at UFC 239 and knocking him out cold in five seconds, beating the previous fastest UFC knockout of six seconds by *counting on fingers* I suck at subtraction. I guess you could say Ben might have been *putting on cool guy shades* Askren for it. Still, if you're not starting every fight with a flying knee to the face, do you even want to win? Because I've started every fight I've ever been in with a-- "Threatening to tell your opponent's mom?" Admittedly, it was a much more effective tactic in middle school than it is now. "What happened to your face, GW?" A man who doesn't care what his mom thinks of him.

Keep going for the whole video but the gif is really it minus an unconscious Askren getting punched in the face until the ref realizes he's out.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees avoiding knees to the face is a reasonable life goal.

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