Damn, Poseidon: Fish Eats Shark Whole During Feeding Frenzy

July 12, 2019


This is a video from the National Oceanic And Atmosphere Administration's (NOAA) remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer some 1,500 feet below sea level off the coast of South Carolina starring a feeding frenzy of small sharks (possibly dogfish) feasting on the carcass of a dead swordfish when a wreckfish uses the submersible for cover, then grabs and swallows one of the sharks whole. Hoho, brutal! Obviously, I just sent this video to the Illuminati as further proof why they should take my petition to fill the oceans with concrete seriously. Granted it will still get denied since they're still honing in on the location of Atlantis in order to use its advanced technology to tighten their grip on humanity, but at least I tried.

Keep going for the video (shark getting eaten starting around 1:25), complete with the live excited scientist commentary we've all come to love and respect.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees wreckfish is a great name for a fish, especially for one that can eat sharks whole.

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