Cool: Watching Tiny Magnetic Balls React With Ultra-Powerful Block Magnets

July 30, 2019

This is a video of magnet lover and Youtuber Magnetic Games filming the reactions of small magnetic spheres to much more powerful magnetic blocks. According to Magnetic Games, "I assure you that the impact between the Monolith and 2592 magnetic balls scared me. The collision of magnets was violent and the balls were splashed all over the room. I wore protective glasses at every impact, and it served." Yikes. The result clips, particularly in slow motion, are pretty awesome to watch. Those little balls appear to attack the larger magnets like some sort of unknown strain of alien virus. "You know a lot about alien viruses, GW?" I've seen movies. "And?" Not a lot of them were about alien viruses to be honest. So.... "So I still consider myself an expert if that's what you're getting at."

Keep going for the video, but the real fun begins after 1:10.

Thanks again to Terrance B, who agrees the stronger the magnet, the more magic inside.

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