CBS's 'Picard' Series Gets Another, More Informative Trailer

July 22, 2019


Remember that Picard teaser trailer from earlier this year? It didn't really tell us much except the captain had left his position at Starfleet and was living the simple life, making his own wine. Thankfully, this new trailer answers some of the questions posed in the first, and provides a little more insight into the series. SPOILER: there will be aliens. Also: conflict. "They should have pulled that drawer open all the way." Dammit, I can't take you anywhere, even if you are right.

Keep going for the video, complete with obligatory "Engage."

Thanks to Sam the Slammer, n0nenity, Allyson S and Duke, who agree sometime in the future shows about space won't even be weird because we'll be living there. Well, not you and I, but humans maybe.

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