Caution, Low Clearance: Guy Drives U-Haul Into Parking Garage, Breaks Water Line, Smashes HVAC Pipe

July 3, 2019


This is some dashcam footage from a car parked in an underground parking garage when a too-tall U-Haul truck comes down to unintentionally wreak some havoc. Or, who knows, maybe they live in the building are are moving out since they hated the place because people let their dogs poop in the hallways LIKE THEY DO IN MY BUILDING and wanted to break some shit on their exit. Still, I personally would have adhered to the old adage that revenge is a dish best served-- "Cold?" Cold AND hot. "You're saying you'd start a fire months later." I never said that.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees low clearance signs are onyl for people who care about the building and the vehicle they're driving.

  • Venks

    I remember the part where the guy says, "Oh my God!"

  • Geekologie

    def my fave

  • bobjr94

    That car missed a chance for a free car wash

  • Eric Ord

    cuet gril tho

  • Deksam

    That was Redditculous!

  • Irina Abramovich

    The driver must’ve been high on meth. Jk!!!!!

  • melody

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  • GeneralDisorder

    If Uhaul ever goes out of business that's really gonna fuck up the economy. But also you won't have people doing dumb shit like this anymore.

  • Jeedai Infidel

    Well, Florida still exists.

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