Awww: Drunk Man Sends Orphaned Baby Bird To Animal Rehabilitation Center In Uber

July 11, 2019


Because not all heroes wear capes (or wait until after 5PM to start drinking), a day-drinking man in Ogden, Utah recently sent an orphaned baby (~2 week old) lesser goldfinch that fell out of its nest to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah in an Uber since he couldn't drive. Some more info while I start drinking and wait for my opportunity to be a hero. Oooooor fall asleep laying in the shower again:

It took two tries. The first Uber driver backed out, finding the request too odd. But a second one, Christy Guynn, agreed.

She put the little bird in a box with leaves the men gave her.

"The only noise was the chirping," Guynn told KSTU. "I guess he was happy when I turned off the air conditioning off and rolled the windows down a little bit. I definitely think it was a little too cold for him."

"While we feel we've seen it all and can't be amazed by anything, there is always SOMEONE out there to prove us wrong," rehab center workers wrote on Facebook.

Crazy, one minute you're getting drunk in the middle of the day wondering what the hell you're doing with your life, and the next you're saving a life. Funny how life works that way. Life is pretty wild, you know? Happy wife, happy life. Life life life life life toss me another beer clearly God thinks I need a few more before it's my time to be a hero.

Thanks to Irina A, who agrees there's a hero inside all of us (but mine definitely has the coolest costume).

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