Artist Converts Manhole Cover Into Pac-Man Level

July 9, 2019


Because apparently when it rains it pours manhole cover news, this is a shot of the manhole cover that French street artist Oakoak painted into a Pac-Man level. Although I would argue the cover's existing design practically demanded to be painted into a Pac-Man level, so I'm not sure how much credit Oakoak deserves and how much the manhole cover designer deserves. And the answer of course is they both deserve none and I deserve it all because I invented manhole covers in the first place so people would stop falling into sewers and bothering the ninja turtles when they have crime fighting to do.

Keep going for a couple shots of the hole cover prior in case you have no clue what the hell is going on here, or with life in general.



Thanks to DT, who agrees if Oakoak's street art is worth anything, there's probably about to be a coverless manhole soon.

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