Added To Birthday List: A 3,036 Piece LEGO Treehouse Set

July 23, 2019


This is the LEGO Treehouse set (#21318) being released August 1st, based on a submission by Kevin Feeser on the LEGO Ideas website that garnered enough attention and support that LEGO decided to put it into production. The set stands 14-inches tall, contains 3,036 "sustainable sugarcane-based plastic" pieces, includes both spring/summer (green) and fall (orange and brown) foliage options, and costs $200. I want it. Just like I mentioned in the title, I've already added it to my birthday list, right between #2, another penis reduction surgery and #3, the ability to lie.

Keep going for a few more shots (including it's beautiful fall foliage option), and a video of the set while I try to determine if it comes with a minifig-sized fireworks and nudie mag hideaway.




Thanks to hairless, who agrees even as you grow older, you should never give up on your dream to live in a treehouse.

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