A Supercut Of Every Question Luke Asks In All The Star Wars Movies (153!)

July 3, 2019


This is another Star Wars By The Numbers supercut (previously), featuring every question Luke Skywalker asks in all the Star Wars movies, with a total of 153 queries. The breakdown for Luke Questionasker is as follows: 93 questions in A New Hope, 29 in The Empire Strikes Back, 10 in Return Of The Jedi, and 21 in The Last Jedi. Apparently he was very inquisitive in the beginning, then actually learned some stuff, then started forgetting it all and asking more questions in his old age. That sounds accurate for most people. Of course with all that question asking in his youth you'd think he could have at least dropped a couple handfuls of 'Do we look similar to you?' before making out with his sister.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Monique L and hairless, who agree there's no such thing as a dumb question, unless you're asking me, in which case I'll always look at you like it was even though I wasn't paying attention.

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