A 1994 British Pizza Hut Commercial That Was Aired Entirely In Klingon

July 11, 2019


This is a short Pizza Hut commercial originally aired in the UK in 1994 that's entirely in Klingon. Apparently it was 'the first completely non-English advertisement on British television.' How about that! It's also clearly still effective to this day too because I just called my girlfriend and asked her if we could order Pizza Hut for dinner tonight. "What did she say?" Oh, you know, something about how she couldn't believe I forgot our anniversary after swearing it wouldn't happen again after last year. "Damn, GW." I think we're going to The Cheesecake Factory now.

Keep going for the commercial.

Thanks to Linby, who agrees Pizza Hut parties were the tits after a sports match when you were a kid.

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