Visual Effects Artists Watch And Discuss The VFX From The Star Wars Prequels

June 19, 2019


Above: boulder explodes before engine touches it.

This is a fifteen minute video of some of the visual effects professionals at Corridor-Crew watching and discussing the effects used in the Star Wars prequels circa 1999 - 2005. It was actually all very interesting, and I learned a lot from watching it. "You always say that." But I really mean it this time. "Are you familiar with the boy who cried wolf?" HE CRIED WOLVES?! Now that's a power. Maybe not one I'd hope for, but I wouldn't complain as long as they didn't attack me.

Keep going for the video. SPOILERS: the pod-racing physics were predominately super legit and Jar Jar Binks is a master class in 1999 CG.

Thanks to Ryan WL, who agrees Jurassic Park will forever stand the test of time.

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