Video Of Giant Squid Caught On Camera For The Third Time (First Time In US Waters)

June 21, 2019

This is a video of a 10 - 12-foot juvenile giant squid (adults can grow up to 40-feet) attempting to attack a blinking array of blue LED lights meant to resemble a bioluminescent jellyfish that are attached to the Medusa deep-sea camera system. This is only the third time a live giant squid has ever been caught on film, and the first time in US waters (about 100 miles southwest of New Orleans). Holy shit, they're coming for me. Do you think that thing knows where Atlantis is? I bet it does. And the way it moves its tentacles -- such grace and elegance. There's only one thing I've seen with such gracefulness -- and that thing is you. "Awww, thanks, GW." It's true. "You know you're not so bad yourself." Me? Are you kidding -- I move like the penis of a naked man running through a sprinkler.

Keep going for the whole video, including coming out of nowhere and disappearance back into the dark.

Thanks to Draco Basileus, who agrees we need to attach a camera to one of these suckers(!) so we can finally discover the location of Atlantis.

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