Tourists With Selfie Stick Unknowingly Film The Pickpockets Trailing Them, Police Trailing The Pickpockets

June 28, 2019


Note: Watch the video before reading if you wanna try to figure out what's happening on your own.

This is a video from a tourist couple vacationing on the island of Mallorca in Spain and filming themselves with a 360-degree camera atop a selfie stick. What they don't know is they're also capturing the pickpocketing couple (in white shirts) trailing them and eventually stealing from their bag, and the undercover police officers (the two guys in red shirts) trailing the pickpockets. I learned several important things watching the video. For one, never carry a backpack with nothing but an unsecured flap to protect your valuables. And two, always be aware of your surroundings and personal space, and never let anybody get too close. Especially in relationships. "Honey--" I'm a spy, okay?! We can't be together.

Keep going for the video.

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