Timelapse Of Artist Folding Book Pages Into Skull, Avengers Logo, Starbucks Logo

June 4, 2019

These are a few videos of an origami artist folding book pages into the shape of a skull, the Avengers logo, the Starbucks logo, and 'DREAM'. Pretty neat, but I can't imagine the librarian is going to appreciate that.

Keep going for the videos while I stash all my nudie magazines so this guy can't ruin them.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees the key is folding the pages IN the library and not after you check the books out.

  • Juan Sarmiento

    Can't think of a good reason to destroy a book.

  • GeneralDisorder


    The only one of those that isn't a reason to destroy a book is E for elsewhere (i.e. this book was sent to another library where it could be appreciated).

    If the book is filled with lies and propaganda, incorrect scientific data, false nonsense, etc, if the book has aged poorly, if the book contains trivial nonsense like every post ever made on Tumblr that wasn't porn.... If the book is superseded like the DSM-IV. If the book is irrelevant like say, a dated repair manual for aircraft that are no longer in service in a community where nobody has ever been inside an aircraft...

    Anyway, there's plenty of reasons to destroy books.

  • carole

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