The Modern Tie: A Modular Neck Tie System With Interchangeable Ties Held In Place By Magnets

June 6, 2019

This is a video demonstration of the Modern Tie, a modular neck tie system that consists of a fake plastic knot (available in a bunch of different styles) that slides onto a dress shirt's top button, and holds whichever hang-down tie style you choose in place with neodymium magnets. All the fake knot styles are all around $20 apiece, and ties between $25 - $30. Alternatively, learn how to tie an actual tie. Unfortunately I never did, which is why I just bought a bunch of these, then at the next wedding I have to go to I'm going to constantly swap out my tie for a different one whenever my girlfriend has her backed turned. How funny will that be?! "Not very." Sooooo... "So try to get your $145 back." EMAILING NOW.

Keep going for a couple product pics and the video demo.




Thanks to Clint, who informed me he's only going to wear the plastic knot. Hey -- you do you.

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