The Keg-A-Droid, A Remote Controlled Beer Keg And Tap On Wheels

June 4, 2019

This is a video of the very expensive $2,400 Keg-A-Droid from SuperDroid Robots, a remote-controlled beer keg and tap on wheels. The Keg-A-Droid can carry a slim 1/4 barrel or 1/6th barrel keg inside a 1/2 barrel sized keg shell (that can be filled with ice to keep the inner keg cold) and can be steered to wherever beer is needed. *slamming empty stein on table* Over here! Also for $2,400 it should look like Bender or Rosie the Robot Maid and include a flushable urinal. Now, how much for a model with a barstool on top of the keg and a tap that streams directly into my beer helmet? Because I'm willing to go as high as $400 and the most entertaining Saturday afternoon of your life.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Ryan WL, who agrees alternatively, play rock-paper-scissors to find out who goes to refill the beers.

  • Douchy McDouche

    I can see this thing surviving for about 5 minutes at a frat party. Hope it comes with a defense mechanism.

  • carole

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  • sizzlepants

    I suppose calling it R2Beer2 would get you sued into oblivion.

  • Lee Trott

    Or calling it Keg-O-Tron surely?

  • Ollie Williams

    This is why we're fat, America. We can't even be bothered to walk to get a beer anymore.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I sure wouldn't bother to get to get a beer. I don't really drink anymore.

  • Bling Nye


    <3 U

  • Ollie Williams

    Yes daddy.

  • Eric Ord

    Just another day on the Geekologie message boards!

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