Surprise!: Whale Breach Startles Woman Lounging In Ocean

June 21, 2019


This is a video from the coast of Rio de Janeiro of some outrigger boaters taking a break from paddling when a whale breaches nearby with a surprise hello. That must have been exhilarating. And by exhilarating I mean terrifying. Did anybody else just poop their pants at work? I'm kidding, I'm on the subway. Oh -- looks like this is everybody's stop.

Keep going for the video, and if anybody wants to provide a translation please feel free to do so.

Thanks to DT, who agrees that, unbeknownst to her, that whale probably just scared the sharks off that were eying that woman's legs for a meal.

  • Douchy McDouche

    I see someone has finally captured my wife on video. And I'm not talking about the ample chested lassie.

  • Deksam

    Well, someone was having a *Whale* of a time...

  • Adibobea9

    Was that a sperm whale that splashed over…?

  • GeneralDisorder

    No. That's a humpback. The sperm comes after humping the back... wait... I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

  • The_Wretched

    And then there's the missionary whale and the oddly named shocker whale. Those Cetologists really need to get out more.

  • Ken

    What whale?

  • WhiteEagle2


  • wen

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  • youngferreezzeee

    they're saying come up, come up the chicks name and calling her crazy and she's telling them to relax everything is okay and they keep saying omg get in the front of the boat

  • Bertw192

    Who kept watching long after the breach?... for science...

  • Homestar

    I, too, found the video to be quite scientific.

  • Joe Schmopped

    nice tits

  • I mean... the other comment that said "what whale" kinda had the same connotation... but at least kinda didn't outright perv post.

  • Draco Basileus

    The whale's?

    ; )

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