Reebok Releasing Toy Story Instapump Sneakers With One Shoe Woody, One Shoe Buzz

June 25, 2019


These are the Pixar x BAIT x Reebok Toy Story Instapump Fury sneakers being released sometime soon. The pair comes with a left Buzz Lightyear inspired sneaker and a right Woody inspired one. No word on price yet, but considering a regular pair of Reebok Instapump Fury sneakers run $160 - $200 and everything I just looked at on the BAIT website comes at a premium, I'm guessing in the $300 - $400 range. I'm also guessing I won't own a pair unless some other size 12 is willing to trade me their Buzz for my Woody. "You're gonna wear two left shoes?" *trips standing up* It's never stopped me before.

Keep going for a few detail shots.




Thanks to DT, who agrees wearing two different shoes is this summer's hottest fashion trend.

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