Real Products That Exist: Paper Straws Printed With Realistic Looking Cigarettes

June 18, 2019


These are the cigarette paper straws designed and sold by Amron Experimental. They're paper straws with a lit cigarette printed on one end. You can buy a 25-pack for $4 or a 300 pack for $15. They remind me of candy cigarettes. Also, what's up with that limited edition paper Pepsi cup -- is somebody collecting those? You know, I imagine there are more than a few bars in my area that would probably be interested in serving drinks with novelty cigarette paper straws. Granted not any bars I'd want to go to, but I'm sure they exist. At least they aren't killing sea turtles.

Keep going for one more shot and an Instagram video.


Thanks to Scott, agrees vape straws are right around the corner.

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