Pro Mountain Biker Walks And Rides Us Through One Of The World's Most Difficult Trails Step-By-Step

June 14, 2019


This is a long-form video of French professional mountain biker Yoann Barelli discussing and then riding each section of the Trespasser downhill mountain biking trail in Whistler, British Colombia -- allegedly one of the world's most difficult. He uses the word gnarly a lot, and it's appropriate. Even the path TO the trail looked like certain death to me, but I'm not a professional mountain biker. "But I thought you were good at everything." I am, I'm just not professional at anything, particularly doing my job.

Keep going for the video, which is worth at least skipping around (3:55 and 8:00 for starters).

Thanks again to my buddy CN, who offered to meet me in the woods this weekend so we can drink beer and throw sticks at each other, which I accepted because I know how to have a good time.

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