Oh Wow: Thanos Face Bikini And One Piece Swimsuits

June 7, 2019


These are the ~$30 Thanos face bikini and one piece swimsuits made by MaryTiTi and available on Amazon. I'm 110% confident these are unlicensed bootlegs though, so don't be surprised if they disappear for sale in an instant. "Like Thanos just snapped his fingers." I don't get it. Still, I've got my fingers crossed for an officially licensed Thanos x Victoria's Secret lingerie collection, because there's just something about that face that makes me-- "Want to see your roommate wearing it on a nightie?" Exactly, Derek come put this on and pretend you're walking the runway in Milan. The airport runway, just so we're clear. Oh no here comes a plane!

Keep going for a shot of the front and back of the one piece. SPOILER: Thanos face on both sides.



Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees it's all in the eyes.

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