Man Spends Year Building An iPhone-Controlled Weaving Loom

June 27, 2019

This is a video of surprisingly captivating Youtuber RetroTech Journal discussing and documenting his yearlong journey building a Jacquard Loom that can controlled by an iPhone to weave arbitrary patterns. In this case at the end of this video, Pikachu and a Pokeball. Some more info while I reminisce fondly about Loom, the old LucasFilms game. I think my brother might have beat it but I never had any clue what the hell I was doing:

I built a Jacquard Loom that is controlled from an iPhone. It's built from laser cut plywood, and 3D printed parts. I've open sourced all the design files and software. This isn't really a how to, but more of a "this is what I've done so far".

You can read more about the build at:

You can also look at all the code/designs at:

Fascinating. I've always wanted to weave my own fabrics but I never really moved past making friendship bracelets. I got really good at making those in middle school. Granted I wasn't nearly as good at making friends to wear them, but like my mom always told me: there's nothing wrong with being your own best friend. *bittersweetly eyes '#1 Friend' mug I bought on Amazon and had shipped to myself as a gift*

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my friend becca b, who clearly forgot to put the friendship bracelet I made her back on since the first day I gave it to her.

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