Kraft Encourages You To Lie To Your Kids, Tell Them Ranch Is 'Salad Frosting' So They'll Eat Their Vegetables

June 14, 2019


This is a humorous (at least in their mind) video for Kraft's #LikeLikeAParent campaign, which encourages parents to lie to their children and tell them ranch dressing is actually 'salad frosting' in order to get them to eat their greens like kids don't know the difference between ranch and frosting. Of course if your kids aren't willing to eat some vegetables smothered in fatty, high-calorie ranch dressing, they probably don't deserve dessert anyways. Personally, I'll eat anything with ranch on it. "Anything?" ANYTHING. "What about--" Try me, you'll get grossed out long before I do.

Keep going for the commercial while I drink drink straight from the Hidden Valley bottle I keep in my bottom desk drawer. "Isn't that supposed to be refrigerated after opening?" Only if you're weak.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees aren't you defeating the purpose of getting your kids to eat healthy if you're just drenching vegetables in 160-calorie/serving ranch dressing?

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